dynaVu is worked on a product which will allow users to view large, dynamic information systems (including, but not limited to, the Web) and control networked systems by creating a new kind of information-centered environment.

dynaVu is worked with the Manufacturing Engineering Program at the University of New Mexico to develop a Manufacturing Simulation Package under the Technology Reinvestment Project. This is a networked simulation for training purposes, and is intended to become a commercial product for use by major corporations in training and testing employees in a range of factory management tasks. dynaVu will serve as an interface and control mechanism in this simulation. dynaVu is also designing a GUI builder for multiscale interfaces for this same project.

dynaVu also worked with the Manufacturing Engineering Program assembling and integrating a variety of automation equipment and robots with the end result being a variety of demonstrations that included robots, RTUs, vision systems, a variety of grippers (including the Barrett Hand), sensors, conveyors, rotary table, force feedback, and much more. In addition, we worked on developing a controller for the WAM force / torque robot by Barrett Technologies that was built using Matlab xPC real time workshop.

In addition, dynaVu now also develops and manages quality affordable homes in the Albuquerque area,

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