dynaVu, a New Mexico company incorporated in 1996, is the brainchild of a few young developers who are turning their research on computer interfaces and environments into the commercial applications of the future. Along the way, we have expanded our palate to include integration of complex systems of automation equipment and robots. This included the WAM robot (by Barrett Technologies) and development of a controller for the WAM robot using Matlab xPC real time. We have also delved into development and management of quality affordable homes in the Albuquerque area.


dynaVu was featured at the Be Inc. booth at MacWorld '97 in San Francisco and its first product was also introduced at the Be developers' conference held immediately afterward. This product was also featured at the Upside conference in Palm Springs, Calif. In 2000, received a patent on the interface dynaVu developed. Starting in 2008, rehabilitation of several older homes, primarily in the Old Town Area of Albuquerque, in order to provide quality affordable homes.


President and Chief Technology Officer David Vick is a gifted software developer who has designed much of the product functionality and is responsible for the product's impressive speed and efficiency. David received his M.D. from the University of New Mexico in 1978. He spent 14 years as an M.D., including five years as an emergency room physician and a family practitioner before he enrolled in the Computer Science Department at the University of New Mexico in 1992. In the fall of 1995, he suspended his studies to start his own internet business.


We have included a listing of some of our clients and examples of some of our current and prior work.

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